6 Reasons Restaurant Customers Prefer Booths Over Tables


April 25, 2022

Typically, when given a choice to pick between a booth or a table, a customer will generally choose a booth. Why? Well, reasons can vary from one customer to the other. However, the understanding of the “why” is important for restaurants to understand to ensure booths are available and implemented properly.

So, why do people pick this more expensive seating option even if there are tables available? Here’s why customers prefer booths over tables:

They Value Privacy

A booth can be a great place to be private with someone. The restaurant setting is not a place for a private conversation as it’s a very public area. But when a customer chooses a booth over a table, he is more comfortable talking more freely because he doesn’t have to worry about being overheard by other customers.

They Are Comfortable

When the booth is big and private, that can be a big plus. When customers are comfortable in a booth, they may order more food, drink, and desserts. Bigger groups can also enjoy a private booth without being disturbed.

No Need To Pay Attention To Table Manners

If a customer chooses to dine in a booth, they don’t have to worry about being mindful of table manners. This can be a great option for customers who do not like being conscious of where their elbows are when eating or who do not like to see what they are eating. This is also great for big groups, who can enjoy their meal without worrying about asking for “Please pass me the salt and pepper” every minute.

They Can Have Fun

Customers sitting in a booth can also have more fun, whether it’s with friends or family. Chances are that people sitting in a booth are enjoying their food and want to stay longer. They don’t want to rush eating their food, and they are more relaxed to enjoy their meals longer.

They Don’t Have To Walk

Not planning to walk after the meal? Well, if you are having a meal with friends or family, you can have a great time talking while enjoying your meal in the booth without having to walk after. This is also very ideal for people who would like to stay longer in the restaurant.

The Table Is Bigger

Most public places and restaurants don’t offer bigger tables for bigger groups. If there is a booth available, then a customer will probably go for that option. This is also ideal for people who want to sit with their family or friends without being bothered by other people walking by.


Booths can also be a great selling point for restaurants. It can help customers feel more comfortable eating and enjoying their meals in the restaurant. It can also attract customers who want a private or comfortable place to stay longer than usual.

Are you considering introducing a new booth in your restaurant to attract more customers? If so, be sure to invest in good quality furniture and more to help customers enjoy the best eating experience possible!

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