6 Major Mistakes to Avoid in Your Hotel Lobby Design

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April 25, 2022

The ways in which you shape the look and feel of your hotel lobby can attract customers, as well as please them with their stay. If you want your hotel to stand out, you must design the lobby to be one of a kind.

Before you settle on a design or theme, take a moment to consider what you want to accomplish and what your guests will appreciate having in a lobby. Here are some common design elements that might be more trouble than they are worth:

A Poorly Designed Reception Desk

If you have a small or mid-sized property, guests will often check in at the counter on their way to their room. They will wait in the lobby while their rooms are being prepared, and they will wait in the lobby when they need help making a decision about a recreational activity or the breakfast spread. Choose a reception desk that’s large enough, with a countertop and seating area all around it. Skip the faux marble; instead, you should look for a desk with a wood, wood-grain or metallic finish. This will complement most home decor and fit in with a modern design.

Inadequate or Overreliance on Technology

Technology is an amazing part of your hotel lobby, especially for guests with conference or other business needs. This does not mean that you should have a computer behind the counter – this option is far too impersonal and inconvenient for guests. Instead, you should opt for a more helpful tool: a tablet or monitor with a stylus. This will allow you to take reservations and check guests in while they wait in the lobby.

Unattractive, Uninviting Furniture

When your guests walk through the lobby, they must be impressed by the look of the furniture. If it’s old, outdated or mismatched, they might not feel welcome enough to sit there. This will turn them away in a hurry. Instead, choose furniture that complements the design of the hotel, whether it’s modern, old-fashioned or somewhere in between.

Too Many Seating Choices

Most guests will have plenty of time to sit down in the lobby. Make sure that you have a nice balance of seating that’s both comfortable and appealing to your guests. They will sit in the lobby while they wait to check in, or while they wait for the room service or restaurant staff to answer their questions. Choose a variety of seating that will appeal to everyone in your crowd, from the single traveler to the family of five.

Unattractive Artwork or Decor

This is the perfect opportunity to get creative, however, you should avoid including artwork that’s too modern or edgy. A more traditional style would be better for most hotels and will appeal to a greater number of guests. Pillows and lamps can add a touch of fun and personality to an otherwise boring hotel lobby.

Too Much Planning for the Future

Your lobby design should fit well into your current business plan, not lay the groundwork for a future one. If you want to sell your hotel in the future, you cannot underestimate the importance of creating a lobby that will appeal to your guests and make your guests want to come back. If you are considering developing a new business plan in a few years, invest in a lobby that will appeal to your guests and never go out of style. You will sell your hotel faster, and you will make more money.


Lobby design is one of the most important parts of any hotel and is most certainly a reflection of your business as a whole. Choose a design that reflects the personality of your hotel and will encourage guests to stay longer. With the right design, you can both attract and hold onto guests.

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