A Guide to Choosing Dining Booths for Your Restaurant

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April 25, 2022

Booths for restaurants are popular among restaurant owners and guests alike because they provide a comfortable seating choice, beautiful aesthetics, and a private dining experience, making them appealing to dining places. Several main aspects should impact your selection on which restaurant booths to select. Whether you have a little cafe or a franchise, creating an efficient booth arrangement can help you maintain the aesthetic of your business. In this fast-paced setting, you want clients to feel at ease while also allowing your servers to move about quickly.

A Guide to Choosing Dining Booths for Your Restaurant

When selecting booth seating for your restaurant, consider the style of the booth, the materials used, and the form of the booth.

Match the Booth’s Style to the Style of Your Restaurant

Your restaurant should have a specific style that can be reflected in the furniture you buy for it. If your restaurant has a more modern style, you can choose contemporary booth designs that will match your decor. If your restaurant is more rustic, you may want to choose a more antique style. Keep in mind that your booth should match the style of your restaurant, not just your individual booth. If you have a rustic, country-themed restaurant, then you probably want to stick with wooden booths. If you have a more modern restaurant, try a sleek design.

Choose the Right Material for Your Dining Booths

There are many different materials to choose from when choosing the right booth for your restaurant. You should select booth materials based on the aesthetic of your restaurant, as well as the customer’s experience. For example, if you have a more rustic restaurant, wooden booths are a great option to keep with the theme. Plastic booths are another popular material that is easy to clean and maintain. They can also be customized, like the Acrylic Booths from Eagle Products, to add a bit of flair to your restaurant. Acrylic has many different finishes and can be made to look like wood or metal.

Consider the Available Restaurant Space

Depending on your restaurant’s layout, there may be a limit to booth seating. This is especially true for restaurants that have an open floor plan. If you have a restaurant with a similar layout, it may be good to have a few variations of your booth design. For example, if you have a large restaurant with a seating area, you can have larger booths in this area and smaller versions in the bar area. This will help to provide customers with different seating options and maintain a cohesive theme throughout the restaurant.

Know How Many Occupants Can Fit in Each Booth Shape

Single Booth: There is only one booth bench. It easily seats two persons side by side.

Double Booth: Seats up to four people, with two seated side by side and two more sitting back to back.12 Circle Booth – Standard measurements are 48″ x 90″ x 48″. It seats four people.

Circle Booth: Seats 6 people with standard dimensions of 48″ x 90″ x 90″ x 48″.

Wall Bench: Available in various lengths, this booth is typically combined with restaurant table-and-chair sets, allowing for comfortable sitting and adequate isle space for servers and customers.

L-Shape Booth: Typically used in corners to maximize space. 

Deuce Single Booth: Similar to a single booth but is 30″ instead of 48″ long. A one-person booth is what it’s called (sits one person).

Deuce Double Booth: This booth is 30″ long instead of the regular double booth’s 48″ length. Allows two persons to sit next to each other.


Whether you’re looking for an elegant dining experience today or are planning ahead for a future restaurant business, choosing suitable dining booths is vital to that success. Booths provide your customers with a unique and personal experience while still allowing your staff the space they need to work quickly and efficiently. When it comes time to choose dining booths for your restaurant, you should consider a few things. These include the booth style, materials, and how many occupants the booth can hold.

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