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furniture and fixtures service

Written by Jetton

October 8, 2021

‘Furnishing Project’ is fun—fact or opinion?! Let’s look at it the way it’s supposed to work. Number one, it is the project type you specialize in and are passionate about. Two, the budget allows you to be creative and bring the drawing to reality. Next, it is crucial that you have supply sources that can provide furniture and fixtures you need in all of the project’s areas. Last but not least, you must choose great people that are prompt to work with you and support your ideas.

Do your potential suppliers possess the following?

Expertise in furnishing materials and production capabilities: Not only do they have the designs that are perfect for your project, but they must be able to produce them at your determined capacities. This is to ensure that each type of furniture is produced by the same manufacturer with the same specifications and standards all parties agree upon.


furniture and fixtures service

Accountability and adaptability: Suppliers should take responsibility when it comes to the services they provide. The products should be priced, produced, and delivered as promised. Post sales service should be in place and replacement should be offered if damage occurs. It is of the utmost importance that the supplier complies and cooperates with the project’s quality assurance. They must be willing to play by the rules and adapt to it accordingly.

FOH CenterGreat attitude: It is quite easy to spot a good attitude and tell if people are willing to work with you. You can tell from listening to the enthusiastic tone of voice from the phone calls—amazingly, it can be picked up from reading an email too. Email correspondence can give away the writer’s personality that you can use to determine his/her attitude and whether it would be compatible with yours.

This goes toward the working atmosphere as people with positive energy will send out the same vibe to others around. They make communication smoother and easier. They are also more accepting of ideas and willing to work toward improvement. Working with people with the right attitude helps ease your mind, knowing that they will have your back throughout the project!


Good Communication Furniture SupplierGood Communication: We all have heard the phrase “Communication is key.” We know how important it is to communicate effectively. With the technology nowadays that allows us to connect with each other from almost every corner of the world, there are not many reasons for us to miss out on communications. If your suppliers do not respond in a timely manner, or just not respond at all, it is time to consider moving onto another.

Language barriers can be another issue for some suppliers that are located outside the country and may not have the personnel to accommodate the worldwide market. They would fail to make a good first impression and the communication would be much more difficult.


Transperancy & Trustworthy of Furniture SupplierTransparency and trustworthy: Information and record keeping needs to be on point no matter what type of business you are in. Choosing a supplier that is upfront in every step of the process would give a peace of mind in knowing exactly what you would get. Furniture you order will match its specifications and it will be delivered in the way and the time you agree upon. In any event that changes occur, the supplier is responsible to immediately notify the customers and keep them updated every step of the way. They should provide the reasons for changes and solutions to ensure the customers’ expectations are met. If your supplier consistently practices transparency, they are exhibiting their trustworthiness.

Customer’s satisfaction is the focus of FOH Furniture, it is the foundation of our company’s core. We select quality materials to match all functions of each design and carefully craft beautiful quality furniture. Our team is a service and detail-oriented group of people with great attitudes– we want to work with you to fulfill your furnishing projects and help bring your vision to reality.

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