Quartz Stone Top, an Alternative or an Ideal?

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Written by Jetton

September 13, 2021

Most high-end properties with elegant designs specify stones for the counter and table tops due to their luxurious and sleek looks. We can all agree that luxury usually is costly! Although countertop materials can be wood, concrete, solid surface, tile, glass, laminate, and others, nothing is as appealing as stone.

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The three most popular and widely used for commercial properties are marble, granite, and quartz. They can be divided into many distinctive types according to colors, origins, etc. All in all, if we consider the qualities that an interior designer, homeowner, and builder look for in a stone top, whether its beauty, durability, flexibility in acquiring, and price— they all come down to quartz stone.

Countertop Material Selection

Marble and granite are naturally beautiful and ideal materials for deluxe designed spaces. If a project sets aside a grand lump sum budget for stone tops, then they may be perfect for the job. Comparably speaking, quartz is not to be left out for consideration. Its look can be equally beautiful—there are still others of its advantage to be highlighted.

  • Appearance

Though quartz is not all natural stone, it is made up of mostly quartz crystal pieces and a small percentage of binding resin and color. For that, it is easy to be manufactured and fabricated into many different patterns and styles, shapes, and sizes, and glossy or matte finish to incorporate any designs. It can be made to have an elegant marble-like or granite-look in many chosen color hues. It has sleek seams that are less visible than natural stones. It is an excellent option for a project that requires a vast quantity of the same pattern and color scheme stone.


  • Durability

Quartz is extremely durable. The resin binding enhances its flexibility– allows impact without getting chipped easily like marble or granite. It may not withstand the heat as high as natural stone, glass, tiles, or cement– using trivets or other heat protection kitchen gadgets between a hot object and the countertop will help reserve its use and beauty. It is also scratch/stain resistant, having said that, it is not stain proof but there are some simple ways to remove it.

  • Maintenance

Another quality of quartz is it is non-porous; hence, it does not harbor bacteria. This alone should be a high selling point at this moment when most of us are living in fear of germ and disease. Although cleaning it is as easy as other countertop materials. To prevent stains, wipe off any fresh spills and simply clean it with mild soap and a soft cloth. For those stubborn stains, there are plenty of cleaning products out there that can be used on the quartz surface.

  • Cost

Whether it is a small, medium, or large project, consider using quartz for counter and table space. Its quality is comparative with the high-end material but not necessarily its cost. As we know, a material selection could be one of the most critical decision making for a project.

Choosing one countertop material over another takes a lot of consideration on the design part. Selecting a supplier to award the project to is also quite a process. Trustworthy, ability to deliver the quality product in a timely manner, and a guarantee of a thorough and consistent service are some of the qualities to look for in a supply company.

At FOH Furniture, we supply quality marble-like new generation quartz stone. What a great solution in balancing your cost with a high-end quality material for your projects! We can customize the quartz stone top in any size and shape and for any types of counter space: bar countertop, waterfall piece, reception and registration area, hostess podium, kitchen island and cabinet countertop, and vanity and bathroom counter. Our team is here and ready to deliver the service from custom fit the quartz stone top to your designed drawing to installing and after-sales support.

Let us help customize your stone top project. Contact us today!


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