How to Find the Right Wholesale Hotel Furniture for You: A Guide

wholesale hotel furniture

January 22, 2022

Growth projections for the hotel industry for 2022 are promising. Revenue may not return to pre-pandemic levels. But there will be a marked improvement from the last two years.

Forecasts show an increase of 34.3% in revenue per available room (RevPAR). It’s a scenario that is also predicted to attract developers. This will result in an increase in the number of new hotel rooms in many major US cities.

How will you ensure your hotel stands out as both demand and supply increase? A simple refresh of your furniture might be a good place to start. But you must source high-quality wholesale hotel furniture to attract new clients.

Read on to learn how to get started.

Start With the End in Mind

Your goal is to improve occupancy levels. This means attracting new hotel guests. But it also involves reminding past guests what makes a stay at your hotel special.

Highlight your popular hotel features. These attracted guests before and should also bring new ones. Also, show that you’re continuing to make improvements with their comfort in mind.

Wondering how you can do this in a cost-effective way? By upgrading your hotel furniture and other hotel supplies. Here are a few things to remember when you’re making your selection:

  • Choose furniture that reflects your brand and will attract the clientele you want
  • Whatever the above is, always have quality in mind
  • Keep the layouts of your rooms in mind
  • Ensure the furniture fits well in the spaces/rooms you’re furnishing
  • Ensure it meets ADA requirements
  • Keep within your budget

To achieve this, you must choose the right wholesale furniture provider. 

Qualities to Look For in a Wholesale Furniture Provider

Decided to purchase your hotel furniture through a wholesale provider? There are some key things you should keep in mind.

It’s important to find a supplier that can give you the items you need. Here are a few other qualities to consider before making your final decision:

  • Administrative processes that facilitate easy ordering, shipping, delivery, and after-sales service
  • Great reputation along with product reviews
  • Exceptional service from order placement to after-sales
  • Added value including promotions
  • A well-stocked inventory

Look at their site to get an idea of the items they carry. You might require specialty pieces such as a sofa bed for hotel suites, or an executive conference table for conference rooms. If you don’t see some of the items you need on their site, you can ask if the supplier can source them for you.  

Ideally, the process of ordering your wholesale supplies should go beyond being easy.  The supplier should want to work with you. This will help to ensure a successful, mutually beneficial partnership.

Finding the Right Wholesale Hotel Furniture

So, you’ve found a wholesale furniture provider that can cater to your needs. What’s next? Don’t worry, you’re halfway there. The next step is choosing the best furniture for your establishment. 

Determine How Much Furniture You Need

The best way to determine the furniture items and wholesale supplies you need is by creating a list. This will entail going room by room to compile the quantities of each item you need.

Each common area will require different types of furniture. You can separate them into categories such as:

  • Hotel restaurant furniture
  • Hotel lobby seating
  • Hotel lounge furniture

You can also have a separate category for your guest rooms. Once you compile all the items needed for each room such as a bed, desk, hotel task chair, you’ll need to calculate the quantities based on the number of rooms you have.

Although this may be a painstaking task, it will ensure you get the items you want.  It also helps you to avoid going over your budget by buying unnecessary supplies.

Your hotel probably already has a color scheme, or you may decide that it’s time for a change. Have your room design and color decided before starting the purchase process. 

This will ensure you not only keep color in mind while purchasing but space and lighting too. It’s always best to stick with one style. 

Create a Record of Popular Guest Items

Always keep in mind your goal of attracting new and returning clientele. Providing hotel supplies that are popular with guests is one way of doing this. 

Look at your records to create a list of items commonly requested by past guests. Another great way of tracking this is through your staff.

They interact directly with guests and would also receive feedback from them. You’ll also learn some of the hotel supplies guests didn’t particularly appreciate. 

Use customer responses received via feedback cards or surveys. Once you determine what items are popular, add them to your list. Consider increasing the amount of each when purchasing.

Determine Your Budget

Your completed list will help you to determine your budget. It will be helpful to separate your list into “must-haves” and “nice to haves”. This will make cutting back in certain areas a lot easier and ensure you get all the items you need. 

Build A Relationship With Your Supplier

Once you know what you need, it’s time to start building a relationship with your chosen supplier. It’s a great way to determine if they can fulfill your requests. It’s also an opportunity to give them a clear idea of your hotel’s style, clientele, and amenities. 

Building a relationship might also lead to them providing specialized services for you. These might include:

  • Designing specific furniture to suit your hotel
  • Assisting with shipping logistics
  • Faster delivery 
  • Furniture replacement, if and when needed
  • Special previews of new items before the rest of the market

Learn all about the services they provide. Don’t be afraid to ask about special concessions. They may be willing to provide these based on the expectation of future orders. 

Once you find items you like, ask about them. These details will help you to determine if it is the right fit for your hotel. It’s also a good time to find out if they can customize the item for your needs.

Online Is Best

Finding an online wholesale hotel furniture provider might be best. It’s more convenient and takes less time than using a local furniture warehouse.

You may also not be the only hotel a local store is supplying to. Creating a relationship with an online wholesaler will allow you to customize your purchases.

You can also access information quickly. This includes availability and price. Their specialty services may include replenishing out-of-stock items for you. They can also let you know other options are available if restocking isn’t possible.

Most importantly, you’ll get wholesale prices. They have resources to also ensure on-time deliveries.

The Best Furniture to Enhance Your Hotel

Looking ahead means preparing for the future. The past two years were certainly not easy for the hotel industry. They required innovativeness and creativity for continued viability.

You worked hard to ensure your business survived. Don’t let this drive stop now. Predictions show great things this year for the industry.

Why not get ahead of the game? Upgrade your establishment with wholesale hotel furniture. will partner with you for success. We offer design support, procurement, and product solutions. We’ll be happy to provide this for you too! Contact us to learn more!


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