Practical Tips on Choosing the Right Restaurant Furniture


March 14, 2022

There are so many different types of restaurant furniture on the market nowadays that it can be challenging to know what to look for in each one. So, how can a restaurant owner select the right furniture pieces for their establishment? Read on to learn the appropriate questions to ask yourself before deciding.

Is it consistent with the overall appearance and feel of the brand?

Consider the brand message you want to convey to your diners while selecting furnishings. Is your company’s image sleek and sophisticated, or rustic and homey? Every part of your restaurant’s design, including the furnishings, should transmit the same brand message. This all-encompassing strategy ensures that your guests have a smooth experience.

How long will guests stay in your space?

Guest time in your space is an essential factor that impacts the furniture you choose. If your space is high traffic, guests will spend a lot of time in any area. This means you should consider not only the style but also the comfort level. For instance, metal frames, plastic seats, and even hardwood floors can feel modern but also uncomfortable for long time periods. Another example is counter height- as your guests may have to stand for longer periods, you may want to consider bar height or even chairs.

What are your maintenance costs?

If you have high traffic or a busy staff, you may be putting your furniture to the test. Consider how much maintenance your furniture will require. For example, can you quickly clean the chairs, and what is the level of maintenance associated with the upholstery? Are you able to quickly clean the tabletops?

What is the expected lifespan of the furniture?

The lifespan of your furniture is a significant factor to consider when comparing options. For example, if you are looking for outdoor furniture, aluminum frames are stronger and more weather resistant than wood. Some other furniture types can be costly, so consider how long you think your furniture will last. You may not make replacements within the expected lifetime of the initial investment.

What are the costs associated with accessories?

In addition to furniture, consider the costs of any accessories you will need to round out the space. For instance, you will need chairs, but you’ll also need chairs with cushions, tables, and table cloths. This should be considered when you’re choosing the right furniture for your space.

What type of warranty comes with the furniture?

This is the most crucial question. A restaurant’s furnishings should be the most durable and long-lasting, so it’s essential to understand how long the furniture will last. The best furniture companies carry warranties that allow you to get replacements or repair pieces at no cost. Consider whether you will want the option to replace items and if the furniture is expected to last beyond your restaurant’s lifetime.


The best way to ensure that you make an excellent furniture purchase is to consider all of your needs ahead of time. Take your time, think through each factor, and make a good choice for your business. The right furniture can create the perfect atmosphere for your restaurant and add value to your business.

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