5 Reasons Office Cubicles are Making a Comeback in the New Normal

Office Cubicles

March 15, 2022

Modern offices strive to break down walls and embrace open floor plans, promoting a space that focuses on collaboration, a refreshing airflow, and more natural light to boost everyone’s mood.

But after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, offices need to take a step back and prioritize workplace safety. In that sense, office cubicles are one of the best possible solutions. By creating barriers that promote safety and health, employees can feel better at coming up to work with lower risks of contracting viruses. 

With privacy and security in mind, cubicle workstations are a great option for offices that want to recreate the environment for the new normal. 

What are the Benefits of Incorporating Office Cubicles?

Benefit #1: Promotes Cleaner Airflow

Odor control can be a major issue in large offices. In some cases, the circulation of the air could even make a big difference in the spread of viruses. Studies have shown that improved circulation systems in offices can help improve respiratory health, which can help lower susceptibility to the virus.

Benefit #2: Boosts Productivity

With an array of privacy options to choose from, cubicle workstations that promote productivity will give your employees the feel of a bigger office with a smaller footprint. Instead of sitting in a cramped space, employees can feel more comfortable in their own space while they work.

Benefit #3: Levels the Playing Field in the Office

With cubicle workstations, offices can no longer have the top floor be the only place where employees get to work in cubicles. While some workers may enjoy the open concept of an office, having cubicles available for every employee will help create a sense of equality in the office, without sacrificing safety.

Benefit #4: Encourages Personal Comfort and Expression

Cubicle partition systems can be built to suit any taste, with a diverse range of options to choose from. With cubicle workstations, employees can choose the kind of partition that they want to work behind. They can also choose their own desk and chair, to adjust their workstation to their needs.

With that in mind, cubicles can be personalized to match the personality of each employee. Employees can use this small space to show off their personality with pictures and other items, without taking up too much of their workspace. 

Having cubicles also helps offices to encourage more personal ownership of the space, which can be a great way to combat the spread of viruses in the office.

Benefit #5: Creates a Healthier Environment

With the introduction of cubicles in the office, infectious diseases like the COVID-19 virus can be contained in separate cubicles, while other workers may want to sit in cubicles while they work.

This will create a more clean, healthy environment in the office, with a more streamlined airflow that keeps workers from getting sick.

The Bottom Line: The Timely Resurgence of Office Cubicles

In the wake of a widespread pandemic, having the option for office cubicles can be a great way to keep workers healthy and productive. In fact, cubicle workstations can be the perfect way to protect the office from the pandemic, while encouraging workers to feel more at home in their workspace.

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