Why Restaurants Should Consider Having a Light Box Display

Lightbox displays are a wonderful method to capture the attention of onlookers. They are ideal for showing your restaurant’s logo, general information, and menu and advertising specific menu items or special events. This article discusses how lightbox displays can be used and their multiple benefits. Read on!

What Is a Light Box?

A lightbox is a box illuminated from behind by light through the front. A lightbox can be placed inside or outside of the building. A poster can be placed inside the box, and light shines through the poster making it visible to passers-by. Lightboxes can also be made to be full-sided, meaning light shines through all sides of the box, making it possible for a passer-by to see the poster from multiple angles.

Lightboxes can come in various sizes and shapes, but usually have square, rectangular, or triangle-shaped fronts. Lightbox displays can also be mounted on walls, fences, or even building exteriors.

How Can the LightVBox Display Be Used?

The lightbox can be used to display a brief line of text with a restaurant logo or to highlight a sale. It can be used to promote specific menu items or to show images of the items. For example, if you are promoting a new menu item, you can display images of the item. If you are promoting a special meal deal, you can list the items in the deal and their prices.

What are the Benefits of Using Light Box Displays?

High Return on Investment

The major reason many people prefer using lightboxes compared with other advertisements is the high ROI (return on investment) they get. For instance, you can see lightbox signs at popular shopping malls to promote sales and special offers. Such effective marketing campaigns give business owners a great opportunity to increase sales even during off-peak seasons.


Another advantage of using the lightbox displays is that they help you attract more customers. A customer walking into your restaurant may be likely to enter if they see a lightbox display outside. Lightboxes are also a great way to get the attention of passing drivers and can be seen even during nighttime.

Easy to Design and Install

Lightboxes are not that difficult to design and install. In fact, you can easily create an effective lightbox display using a computer and a printer. You can also find several ready-made templates on the internet which can be used to design your lightbox display. If you need a professional design for your lightbox display, you can hire a designer or call a local print shop and have them design the lightbox display.


Compared to other types of business advertising, the lightbox display is cost-effective. You can try out various designs and make changes to the design until you get the one that works best for you. Even if some of the posters are damaged, you don’t have to replace them all.

Easy to Customize

Lightbox advertisements are flexible and easy to customize. You can use the templates and make changes to the content, images, or fonts. You can also use images or texts which are relevant to your business or the customers you are trying to attract


Lightboxes have numerous benefits, which is why they are a great advertising tool for most businesses. You can come up with a wide variety of designs that can suit your business needs. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to advertise special offers, menu items, or general information, lightboxes can help you get the attention of your target audience.

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