Reinvent Space in These Ways after Buying Office Cubicles

There’s something to be said about the modern office cubicle. From its origins as a desk to a full-on space with small walls, these furnishings have combined efficiency and effectiveness, creating a chilly atmosphere for professionalism and boundaries amongst co-workers during office hours. Sure, there’s the water cooler for quick chats and the pantry for longer talks and meal breaks, but it’s back to business once an employee returns to their cubicle.

The thing is, cubicles carry the same vibe as their default shape: square. After a while, don’t they seem so dull? It’s like living in a house with the same neighbors, location, stuff, and wall colors you’ve had since you got there. After all, it’s the 2020s already, so maybe this has gotten you to think about a much-needed redesign.

Before you talk to your purchasing department and buy office cubicles, read on to learn how you can reinvent this dull space into fresh new takes.


Accessories can make your cubicle office space more inviting. After you buy office cubicles, try adding a few ceramic cups for holding pencils and pens. You might also want to display a photo frame on your desk to hold a shot of the family you are away from or a small desk fan for days when the heat is too high.


You can also incorporate these decor ideas with an office cubicle:

  • One decor option is to add a lamp, which provides more lighting and brightens up the office. 
  • Another is to create a shelf, a space for crocheted decorations, dried flowers, and paper. 
  • The third is to bring a vase of our favorite flowers to brighten the office mood and make you feel comfortable. 
  • Lastly, add a beautiful throw pillow—which provides back support—or even a bean bag for a playful vibe!

Divide and Conquer COVID-19

Since we’re still living in pandemic times, the need to buy office cubicles is more for safety than professionalism at this point. The pandemic, which began in Asia, has spread fear across the globe. The fastest-growing population segment is the elderly, who are at high risk for illness. As a result, businesses are following suit and converting their office layouts to allow for the influx of new coworkers. 

If your company hasn’t partitioned the office into cubicles, you’re free to do it yourself; your cubicle can be easily converted back into an open office layout when business slows down again or into an open-plan office layout business picks up. Whether glass panels or stylish fabric versions, office panels are a great way to keep your work area feeling more private without investing in professional-looking fancy cubicles. 

Decorative shoji dividers offer enough privacy for a coworker to take a call and easy excess to let light in, while soundproof Zipper-up panels give you added privacy for performance-based negotiations or just for the ability to focus on the tasks at hand. Style dividers can allow you to control visual clutter, so it’s easier to focus on the task at hand.

Conclusion on Cubicles

These efficient working spaces make offices a safe environment concerning social distancing and professionalism. That doesn’t mean they can’t be fun, too. We hope these tips help you reinvent your office after you buy office cubicles. Have fun designing!

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