3 Guidelines in Choosing A Reception Desk For Restaurant


April 4, 2022

They say first impressions are crucial, and your reception area is the first thing that people notice about your restaurant. Of course, the reason for this is that the way your reception room is constructed speaks a lot about the quality of your company. 

All visitors will be silently impressed by a wonderfully designed reception space with well-placed furnishings and an appealing, professional Reception Desk.

Whether you’re a major corporation looking to display elegant Glass Reception Desks or a tiny local business looking for space-saving and effective Small Reception Desks, you can consider a few things when selecting the proper reception desk for your restaurant. 

Read on to find out how to choose the best reception desk for your business and where to find restaurant furniture suppliers in Houston. 

The Right Size

One of the most basic guidelines to follow when purchasing any restaurant furniture is to ensure that the piece is proportionate in size. For example, if you choose a Wooden Reception Desk, make sure it is proportionate to your reception space. To simplify things, if you have a huge reception room, go for a large welcome desk, and have a tiny greeting area; small Reception Desks are the way to go.

Massive welcome desks are typically designed for hotel lobbies, but you can occasionally add that extra flair with an LED Light Reception Desk, which will boost the look of the space.

Of course, the objective of restaurant furniture in Houston is to achieve some form of equilibrium. Because your desk is the first thing visitors see when they walk in, you’ll want to ensure enough space for all receptionists to work.

The Appropriate Form and Arrangement

Pay attention to where your reception desk will be installed. If you’re putting a reception desk in the middle of the room, having a Round Reception Desk that allows you to see the entire room is a terrific option. Because a welcome desk represents your company’s professionalism, you must choose the proper shape and arrangement.

Consider how your reception desk will fit into the overall atmosphere of your lobby, and then determine the shape accordingly. Curved Reception Desks, for example, may be the best option for asymmetrical rooms. You can choose a desk that suits you in terms of style and arrangement, keeping in mind that your welcome desk must always face visitors when they walk in.

Aesthetics in Design

With your receptionists greeting everyone with a friendly grin and answering all concerns or clarifying any doubts, you’ll want to ensure that this welcoming atmosphere extends to your reception desk design. 

You may go for warm tones and choose a Wooden Reception Desk or a Lacquer Reception Desk to complement your design. You might also opt with Glass Reception Desks if you want a more sleek, minimalistic design when looking for a restaurant furniture supply. 


The bottom line is that you must examine how the style of your desk will blend in with the general decor of your restaurant and the industry or nature of your business. After discussing our top three ideas for your reception desk, you should also consider the ergonomics of your workstation to ensure that your receptionist is comfortable and productive.

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