Understanding Every Type of Modern Cubicle Today

Nowadays, offices have become more than a place of work. A modern office should be a place where like-minded people come together to brainstorm and work towards goals. As such, many corporate businesses today make it a priority to offer their employees a conducive work environment that involves curated office setups and more.

Today, cubicles are no longer just enclosed office workspaces. In some offices, employees and managers are separated by five- or six-foot-tall dividers to reduce noise. Meanwhile, other offices prefer a benching system to provide overall functionality and comfort.

Read on to discover and learn every type of modern cubicle today.

The Benching System

Benching systems can be used in place of cubicles. These workstations can accommodate more people than cubicles, making them more advantageous to small businesses and organizations with fewer staff. Furthermore, they can be customized.

Benching takes up less room than cubicles. Because they require fewer furniture and clutter, benching workstations are more productive and save space. This increases the budget of the office.

Cooperation is improved because benching arrangements are more versatile and mobile than cubicle workstations. Employees may see their coworkers from across the room, which promotes an open workplace.

The Bullpen-Style

Bullpen configurations provide seclusion yet demand surveillance. They are common in collaborative work environments.

Some bullpen-style cubicle layouts have closed doors, while others have open doors. Bullpen layouts promote collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Because bullpen designs are less expensive per cubicle, firms can purchase more cubicles.

In multi-worker workplaces, bullpen-style cubicles are used to maximize space without introducing extra furniture. This setup promotes collaboration and output.

The High-Wall Dividers

High-wall cubicles are a versatile and convenient corporate choice. They are often customizable, especially if certain office components need to be specified. For example, a certain amount of seclusion or privacy is enhanced by high cubicle walls and dividers. 

There are alternatives to open office cubicles with high walls. They allow for worker communication and are less confining than open office cubicles. They provide enough privacy and reduce noise, making them perfect for working quietly and for working on sensitive documents and copywriting. 

The L-Shape

L-shaped cubicle workstations are standard in today’s modern workspace. Their appeal is that they offer plenty of storage space. Often, the L-shaped workstation has two-color laminated surfaces and steel legs with built-in cable management features and adjustable paper trays. Some may even have a pencil cup, a height adjustment feature, and a mobile filing cabinet included.

L-shaped desks are helpful in open-plan workspaces. Workers benefit from the L-shaped surface because it reduces back strain. These workstations take up less space and are useful for people who have short arms.

The U-Shape

U-shaped cubicle workstations are versatile and contemporary. It has steel legs and scratch-resistant laminate work surfaces. Cable management grommets and levelers are also included with these cubicle workstations.


The workplace shouldn’t be all about the dull side of everyday work. It should be an environment where you can be comfortable and productive while enjoying the collaborative opportunities you can take with your team. As such, study these cubicle setups to make the most of your weekdays for your company.

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