7 Different Table Styles to Consider for Your Restaurant

Every small item the customer sees at a restaurant has the power to make or break a diner’s memory of their dining experience. And nothing has quite as much influence in this regard as the tables you select for your restaurant. 

Whatever table you choose, the restaurant experience will be enhanced in some way, whether it be via the aesthetic restaurant design of how the tables integrate into the overall environment of your restaurant or through the practical use of the table itself.

Here are some table styles you can choose from for your restaurant.

1. Table for a Picnic-Style Dinner

If you’re going for the casual feel, then there’s no better option than the picnic-style tables. These tables have an umbrella, and the food is served on oversized trays. While the picnic tables are slightly higher than the others, they’re still practical for smaller diners.

2. Fancy Table for Buffets

If you’re running a restaurant with a buffet, then fancier tables will be a good fit. Go for a table with a tray for the food and a tablecloth to finish the look. As for the tablecloths themselves, you have the option of getting white or colored tablecloths.

The classic tables are slightly more formal, but they’re still casual enough for the guests to feel comfortable. 

3. Classic Booth Table

Booths are a popular choice for restaurants of all types and sizes. They’re great for a casual, family-friendly feel but can also be present in more upscale restaurants. And as for the tables themselves, you can choose different sizes and shapes.

4. The High-Top Table

You may think this table is a bit odd, but it’s pretty popular. This is because high-top tables are great for gathering people and are also practical if you’re going for the bar vibe.

5. Coffee Table

If you’re going for a gathering place that feels like a lounge, you should go for a large, glass coffee table. This table is a staple in higher-class restaurants, and it’s always a good idea to add some unique, classy tables to the mix. 

These tables are a great way to enhance the overall feel and style of the restaurant. There’s something very familiar about coffee tables, and you’ll know why once you’ve seen them in action. Like a coffee table at home, these tables have a prominent surface to put your plates, cutlery, etc., and a lower part for your legs.

6. Oval or Circular Tables

Oval or circular tables are, without a doubt, the most popular tables in the dining industry. They’re practical, and they can fit a large number of diners. 

7. Wooden Outdoor Tables

When it comes to outdoor dining, the restaurant owner needs to be sure the weather conditions will suit the clients. For example, the weather can be mild or rainy and does not need to be hot. The outdoor tables allow the diner to sit comfortably and soak in the views with their meal.


Every restaurant has a different culture, style, and clientele and requires other tables and chairs. As such, it is essential to know what will complement your restaurant and what won’t. 

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