Six Things to Consider before Purchasing a Dining Room Set

FOH-XY001 solid wood base dining table

July 4, 2022

When we were kids, we often ate on the couch or coffee table in front of the TV. But as we grew older, it became essential that we needed a more “formal” venue to eat for dinner parties or just to sit down as a family for a home-cooked meal.

Since more and more families spend time together eating and discussing the day’s events, the dining area must have a piece of furniture that suits your family’s needs. 

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the key factors to consider when purchasing a dining room set.

1. Dimensions

Before starting shopping, decide how much room you want to devote to your dining room table. A decent dining table should accommodate 6 to 8 comfy chairs. So, it is better to measure the intended space to obtain an accurate idea of the dining table size that suits the area.

2. Budget

Consider how much you can spend on a table. If you are not on a tight budget, you could go for a larger and more exquisite table. But if you are like the rest of us with a limited budget, then go for a great-looking and functional table but still within your budget.

3. Theme

Aside from the budget and dimensions, you also need to consider the theme of your dining area. Make sure that the materials you select for the table and chairs match or complement the overall look of your home’s interior decoration.

4. Durability

Don’t just go with the looks but also consider the table’s durability. Make sure it is built to last even with daily use. It would be a complete waste to purchase a dining table only to replace it a couple of years later due to lack of durability. 

Also, the legs are a critical component that dictates the structural stability of a table. So, choose a table with legs that are strong and perfectly match the base.

5. Shape

Another thing to consider when buying a dining table is its shape. Know that every shape has its pros and cons. 

Round tables can seat many people, but they’re not suitable for large families with many kids. Square dining tables can be efficient in small spaces, but they also aren’t good for large groups. Oval dining tables are suitable for small and large groups, but they can be inefficient in small areas. Rectangular tables offer a lot of versatility, but they aren’t the best for small spaces.

So whatever shape you choose, make sure it is suitable for you and your family’s needs.

6. Chair Size

Along with a table, you should also consider your chairs. The size you select should match the size of your dining table. Also, make sure that you buy a chair designed for heavy use. The wrong size chair can ruin a dining experience. So make sure you are comfortable and satisfied with the chairs you have selected for your dining table.


Dining room sets are a considerable investment and should be something you’re proud to have in your home. It’s a big purchase, but it’s one that you don’t have to stress over too much. The critical thing to remember is to make sure you’re getting a set that will fit your aesthetic and family needs.

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