Digital Safe Deposit Box – FH36246MS

Product Description

Steel Cabinet Safe Box Combination Lock Box with with Biometric Fingerprint Scanner, Sensitive Alarms, LCD Digital Screen, Fingerprint Scanner, Master Keys, and Programmable Keypad, Designed for Homes, Hotels, Offices – Black (22.8″x13″x15.8″ + Silver Hardware)

Built to be smarter, safer, and more secure. This laser-cut lock box features solid lock bolts, a LCD touchscreen, a dual alarm system, upgraded paint finish, a leather interior, and an inner cabinet for valuables that require additional protection. The digital keyboard boasts a double lock protection system that allows for three different levels of security. Keep your important belongings locked behind a password/fingerprint and master key combination, or increase maximize security by requiring the use of all three authentication methods. Consecutive incorrect unlock attempts, vibration, or violent movement of the safe will activate its alarm system. Designed to be theft resistant and built with an all-steel body, FohFurniture’s safe box will protect your valuables with its four high-strength, solid steel bolts, 5mm thick door, and advanced micro-seam design between its door and frame. Perfect for anywhere from homes to offices.

Key Product Features

  • 4 solid elliptical bolts – made of high-strength steel alloys to prevent forced entry
  • Upgraded touchscreen – for high-tech operation of the keypad when entering in the combination
  • Fingerprint scanner – for enhanced, personalized security
  • Dual alarm system – triggered by three consecutive incorrect entry attempts or vibration/movement of the safe
  • Inner cabinet – additional, password-protected inner cabinet built inside the safe for valuables that need extra security
  • 3D leather interior – protect valuables with moisture-proof leather lining
  • Flexible storage – removable and adjustable shelving for enhanced organization
  • 4 ways to unlock – (1) password + master key, (2) fingerprint + master key, (3) password + fingerprint + master key, (4) master key + emergency key
  • Thoughtful touches – key hooks are installed behind the door and LED lights are built in for easy access to items even in the dark


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