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Steel Cabinet Safe Box Combination Lock Box with Sensitive Alarms, Keys, LCD Digital Screen and Programmable Keypad, Designed for Home, Hotel, Office – Black (17.7″x12.6″x15″ + Silver Hardware)

Built to be smarter, safer, and more secure. This safe box features a 3D design, solid bolts, a LCD touchscreen, a dual alarm system, and adjustable and removable shelving for flexible storage spacing. The digital keyboard boasts a double lock protection system that allows for two different levels of security. Keep your important belongings locked behind a secure passcode or require the use of both the passcode and a master key for elevated protection. Three consecutive incorrect unlock attempts, tilting, or vibration of the safe will activate its alarm system. Built with an all-steel body, FohFurniture’s safe box will protect your valuables with its four high-strength, solid steel bolts, 5mm thick door, and advanced micro-seam design between its door and frame.

Key Product Features

  • 4 solid bolts – made of high-strength steel alloys to prevent forced entry
  • LCD touchscreen – integrated into one smart panel with the door handle for high-tech operation
  • Dual alarm system – triggered by three consecutive incorrect entry attempts or vibration/movement of the safe
  • Flexible storage – removable and adjustable shelving for enhanced organization
  • 2 lock types – ensure the security of your valuables with both an electronic and a master key lock

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