5 Office Design Misconceptions to Leave Behind This 2022

A well-designed workplace will establish the groundwork for better professional success. You will be able to work more quickly and efficiently, resulting in greater production. You must use the proper approach while building a modest home office or a huge corporate office. Any of the following office design myths and misunderstandings will limit your capacity to establish a comfortable and productive workstation.

An Open Layout is Better Than Cubicle Spaces

Since the start of the twentieth century, open floor plans have been increasingly popular. They are distinguished by a vast room with few or no visual dividing components and are intended to foster face-to-face conversation among office workers. Workers may communicate freely throughout their day-to-day operations since no walls or other structures are separating them – at least, that is the prevalent notion behind the open plan. The reality is that employing cubicles or similar dividing features improves face-to-face communication more effectively.

You may notice fewer face-to-face conversations amongst employees if you build your office in an open form. Open layouts continue to have advantages, although they are not necessarily superior to cubicles. To evaluate which design plan is best for your office, examine the benefits and drawbacks of both design layouts and a hybrid layout. As the name suggests, a hybrid layout is a mixed plan that incorporates aspects from both cubicles and open layouts.

Second Hand Office Furniture Can Save You Money

Office furniture should be a top priority for your office design, but you shouldn’t prioritize saving money on cheap second hand office furniture. You should instead prioritize the comfort and productivity of your workers.

It’s true that you can save a lot of money by buying secondhand furniture, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find any second hand office furniture that’s as comfortable or well-designed as new furniture. Used office furniture is typically worn down, which can affect energy and morale.

All Office Chairs are Made Equal

If you’re redesigning your office, you need to consider the chairs you’ll be using. The wrong chair will lead to poor posture, which can affect your ability to work productively over the long term. Poor posture can lead to back pain, muscle injuries, and other ailments.

There are a lot of different office chairs available, but the most popular ones are the computer swivel chair. These chairs are designed to give you the most comfort possible, but you always have the option of designing your office for ergonomics.

Standing Desks are Superior to Traditional Desks

The standing desk fad has been all over the news over the past few years, but you must take time to consider the different options for your office. Most stand-up desks are desktop solutions that allow workers to stand, but you can consider a sit-stand desk that allows workers to sit or stand at their discretion.

If you install a standing desk, you should also include a sit-stand desk so that all workers have more options to choose from.

Your Office Should be Virtually Empty

Imagine your ideal office – what does it look like? Is it a large room with no decorations? A study completed by the University of Colorado found that office workers were more productive with specific decorations in their workspace.

It’s essential to include decorations in your office to make the workspace more comfortable and visually appealing. This can include wall hangings, paintings, or screensavers. Other decorations that you may want to include in your office include plants, soft furniture, and other elements that will boost the mood of your workers.


If you want a well-designed office, you should avoid falling victim to common office design myths and misconceptions. If you take the time to consider the effects that office design has on workers, you’ll be able to create the right office layout for your business. You may find that a hybrid layout or a cubicle layout is the right solution for your office, or you may find that an open layout is the ideal choice.

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