6 Objectives to Keep in Mind for Your Restaurant Patio


August 22, 2022

Think about making your restaurant’s underutilized outside area into a trendy and appealing patio spot for your regular customers to enjoy beautiful weather. Plus, considering that a patio area is a valuable opportunity to attract new customers, it is a good idea to start revamping. 

From poolside bars to small stages for live performances, there are various choices to choose from. Whichever idea you go with, here are six things to keep in mind when planning out your future restaurant patio:

1) Have Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is essential since it may help you create the perfect atmosphere and keep the area well illuminated. In the evening time, walking and staying on a beautiful patio makes you feel like you are on vacation. Consider getting several lightboxes to keep the location a little brighter. If you have the budget, add colorful lights, string lights, or any other lighting you want.

2) Introduce a Bar Station

Well, the good news is that the popularity of bar stations is rising. An outdoor patio bar could include a small ice station for mixing drinks and an ice bucket for customers to retrieve their own beverages. Try adding a special selection of drinks, snacks, or even a small area for appetizers too. Open bar stations with lights will make the patio look more welcoming and inviting. 

3) Find Good Furniture Pieces

It’s important to pick appropriately-sized furniture pieces that won’t take up too much space. The furniture pieces selected should be weatherproof, and they should also be easy to clean. Tables with umbrellas are a key addition that you should make. Be sure to get comfortable seating fixtures in the area, like chairs, hammocks, and the like.

4) Decorate for Appeal

Depending on your theme, you can decorate the patio with plants and flowers. Tropical plants would be better kept outdoors as they cannot tolerate extreme heat. Additionally, if you want to make the area more upscale, you can use tables with tablecloths and candles. Another good idea is to add a water feature like a fountain or a small pool with a small waterfall.

5) Prepare for Different Seasons

Different seasons may require various installations, which is why you should plan ahead. If you want to maintain the same patio for a long time, you must include something for each season. For example, heaters when the air becomes a little too freezing are ideal. Remember that you should prepare the patio for a range of activities as well as any special events and occasions.

6) Get the Food Ready and Good-Smelling

Having the food ready as its smell wafts all around is a free advertisement to your resto. Allow the patio to provide and serve every meal time. In addition to that, it’s good to provide everything your customers would need, from napkins to other silverware.


It may be tough to plan and construct your restaurant patio, especially if you have never done it before. However, by completing the objectives above, you’re sure to select the finest idea for your restaurant and get the necessary items for your patio.

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