Follow These Tips for Maximizing Your Outdoor Dining Space


March 29, 2022

A good dining patio and functional furniture are essential to any restaurant. More customers will sit outside during nice weather, and even more will do the same when you can manage to let them get in and out quickly. 

But how do you create a space where people want to hang out? Follow these tips for making the most out of your restaurant’s outdoor dining area.

Create More Seating

You could create more indoor seating, but this isn’t always a great idea. For one thing, most people prefer to be outside, so you’ll get more business by converting that space into an outdoor area. 

Also, indoor seating often costs you more. When you convert a room for indoor seating, you have to pay for a larger heating and cooling system, more lights, and more tables.

Make Sure the Patio is Well-Lit

Even though you may have lights on your patio, it’s usually dark at night. But you want to create a space where people feel comfortable hanging out, whether or not it’s dark. 

Make sure you turn on the patio lights as soon as the sun goes down. Also, you can build in some occasional lights. A few spots of light can make the space seem more intimate, even in the dark.

Install a Patio Heater

You can also install a patio heater, so you don’t have to heat the entire restaurant. At night, you can turn down the heater. 

It will warm up the air and make the space more comfortable. You can turn it up in the morning, so you’re not heating air that’s already warm.

Maintain the Outdoor Dining Area

Make sure you keep the patio clean. You should also install a few power outlets for people who want to sit and eat with a laptop. You may even want to include a few outlets for people to plug in their phone chargers.

Install Weather Protection

Finally, you should install a protective cover over your outdoor space. This will keep the patio cleaner and block out the elements. 

The cover will also help keep the area warmer. If your location involves warmer weather, you may want to buy a sunshade, as well. This will protect your patio from the harsh rays of the sun.

Invest in Versatile Restaurant Furniture

The patio furniture you buy should be versatile. Look for chairs that you can use in various settings. For example, you should purchase chairs for outdoor and indoor environments. 

This will help you save money and time. Instead of purchasing new furniture for your patio, you can use what you have indoors.


What’s the best way to create a space that people want to hang out on? You should make a space that’s comfortable, beautiful, and easy to use. 

You want to invest in versatile patio furniture. Look for furniture that you can use inside and outside. This will reduce costs and make it easier for you to get the most out of your existing furniture. You should also follow our tips above to maximize your outdoor dining area and build a space that your customers would want to come back to often.

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