6 Valuable Tips to Help Make Your Office Lighting Effective


July 11, 2022

In any commercial building, lighting is necessary because it fosters a safe working environment for workers. Naturally, this also applies to office buildings because poor lighting can make them look dull, significantly impacting employee productivity. While configuring an office’s lighting might seem straightforward, it’s easier said than done.

Office lighting is engineered to facilitate several business activities. Conversely, it’s also a significant investment that significantly impacts the office’s appearance. The lighting layout should be adequately spread out to ensure every office corner should be lit, while the lighting fixtures should be bright enough for workers to see everything. Too bright or a little darker lighting will produce the opposite effect, making it ineffective.

For this reason, we’ve listed some ways to make your office lighting more effective. These include:

#1 – Choose the Right Style for Your Office

It’s a fact that offices are no longer just large cubicles devoid of personal touches. An equally stylish lighting layout best complements a modern office environment.

While fluorescent lighting is popular in office settings, there are many other options to choose from. Lamps and ceiling lights can also be purchased from different sources, so it’s best to consider your preferences first.

#2 – Use Appropriately-Sized Light Bulbs

Light bulbs that don’t match the overall brightness of the office will make the office appear dull, which will impact employee productivity. If you’re familiar with light bulbs, you’ll know many things to consider when choosing the right one.

First off, don’t forget to check the bulb’s Watts rating. Getting the right one is vital because it’s directly proportional to the amount of light it can create.

Furthermore, the type of bulb is also an essential factor. There are different types of bulbs, from incandescent to fluorescent. Whichever style you use, ensure it’s the right size for the luminaire.

#3 – Use Task Lighting with Overhead Lights

Overhead lights are essential because they provide the general brightness that makes a room appear bright. However, they can’t always be used by themselves. That’s because they often don’t offer adequate lighting for specific tasks.

For example, an overhead light won’t be able to provide the amount of brightness that’s needed for a computer screen. For this reason, task lighting is necessary for these instances.

Task lighting is an efficient way to brighten a specific area while providing shadow-free lighting. It’s ideal for offices that need to be lit evenly, and it gives workers an easy task to complete while working.

#4 – Install Indirect Lighting Fixtures

Direct lighting can often be distracting because it tends to create shadows. For this reason, it’s best to use indirect lighting whenever possible. It’s most common in offices because it’s unobtrusive and doesn’t interfere with any task.

For example, you can install ceiling lights and a lamp. This lighting setup can distribute the light evenly without using the direct lighting that’s common in offices.

#5 – Consider the Height of the Light Fixtures

The height of the lighting fixtures plays a massive role in how the office is lit. For example, if you have a high ceiling, you can choose to install light fixtures that reach up to the ceiling. That’ll make the lights appear bright and brighten the whole office. On the other hand, a low ceiling will require using the indirect lighting fixtures mentioned above.

#6 – Utilize Natural Light

If your office has large windows, don’t forget to use natural light as much as possible. This will create a more relaxed and comfortable feel for the employees. Instead of using light bulbs, you can open up the windows to let in the light from the outside. There’s no better way to brighten the office than to let in the natural light.


Office lighting is more than a commodity needed to promote a healthy working environment. It’s also a vital investment because of the energy it consumes. All that matters is ensuring your office is well-light by using the right fixtures to ensure everyone sees everything.

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