Top Interior Design Ideas for Office Lounges

When it comes to office interior design, most people will focus on the workstations. They are the primary part of the office. Also, the workstation is the area where the employees spend most of their time. However, business owners tend to forget the equally important lounges.

The lounge is an area where employees can relax and mingle. This is also the place where visitors can rest before and after a meeting. It’s a space where an employee can relax without feeling like they are in the way of the other employees.

Before buying office furniture for your lounge, you should consider the top interior design ideas to help you maximize your space.

1. Keep It Neutral

The lounge should not be overwhelming. It should always be relaxing and comfortable. Because of this, you should choose a color that will not distract the employees or visitors. A good color choice is a neutral tone that blends with other office interior decorations. For example, you can create an area for reading by choosing a light color like white or beige.

2. Choose Comfortable Office Furniture

A comfortable seating area will be the centerpiece of your lounge. You need to choose the furniture that will make employees feel relaxed. For example, before purchasing a sofa for your lounge, inspect the material and the thickness of the cushion.

Another example of this tip is to choose ergonomic chairs for the lounge. Most office workers will spend eight hours or more in the office, and a great deal of research suggests that using ergonomic chairs and correct posture can increase productivity and reduce the risk of back and neck injury.

3. Never Underestimate Lighting

Your lounge is one place in your office wherein potential and existing clients can have a relaxing time. Furthermore, you will regularly have guests in your lounge to discuss business. For this reason, the lighting should be just bright enough to create a pleasant atmosphere.

You can try blending ambient lighting with track lights to create a relaxing ambiance. Also, avoid overpowering light because it will create an uncomfortable atmosphere.

4. Create a Dedicated Reading Area

If you have staff members that enjoy reading, you might want to create a dedicated reading area in your office lounge. You can place a few comfortable chairs in the corner of the lounge and add a small table with a few lovely books. This way, your employees can relax and read in the lounge.

5. Use Plants

Plants are a great way to add a touch of home and nature to your office. You can place your plants in the corner of your lounge, or you can place them in the reception area. Apart from adding a touch of green to your work environment, you can also observe the benefits of having live plants in your workspace, such as better air quality.

Final Thoughts

You should never neglect your office lounge. It’s one of the first places people see when they enter your office, and it’s an area wherein your employees can relax. You should, therefore, take the time to style your lounge and make it comfortable.

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