Top 4 Innovative Interior Design Trends You Need to Know

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July 4, 2022

Our homes used to be separate spaces for most of us from our work, play, and other hobbies. That all changed during the pandemic when most of us adjusted to a home-based lifestyle. 

Since we now do everything from home, there was a surge in home improvements during the global crisis. There was a need to delineate spaces for work, school, in-home gyms, hobby nooks, and even staycation spaces to relieve stress amidst these challenging times. 

In fact, spending on home upgrades and repairs is seen to peak in 2022, with expenditures hitting $427 billion in the third quarter, up 20 percent year-over-year. There was also an 8.7 percent increase in ROI for home improvement companies. 

If you’re planning to make your own home improvement, check out these four amazing interior design trends to inspire you:

  • Bringing the Outdoors In

For more than two centuries, homeowners have been designing houses with large, open spaces. We delineated indoor and outdoor areas even when we focused on more traditional styles. 

Now, however, the distinction between inside and outside is disappearing. Clever designers use stone, wood, and other natural materials to create indoor spaces that mimic the outdoors. 

French doors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and accordion or sliding glass doors are also popular. They open up interior rooms to existing balconies or decks, making your inside space look larger, and blurring the boundaries between inside and out. 

Alongside enlarging indoor spaces by opening them up to outdoor areas, there is an increasing trend in enhancing home exterior spaces such as patios, gardens, balconies, decks, and other outdoor furniture.

We’ll see more outdoor living rooms that look like indoor rooms to convert backyards into relaxing extensions of interior living spaces.

  • Home Office Spaces

As people pay more attention to how the room’s arrangement and aesthetics may affect our energy and productivity, there is an increase in repurposing different areas of the home into more professional, dedicated spaces. 

Homeowners who create unique work environments lessen Zoom fatigue and remote work burnout, contributing to a higher level of focus, motivation, and productivity.

Empty rooms, such as those once used for secondary living spaces and breakfast rooms, are now being transformed into spaces to create an office with customized furniture.

These offices have added features, such as modern office workstations, smart boards, projectors, and wet bars. Unoccupied guest rooms have new uses, too; they’re now sleepers and desks. 

  • Sustainable Design

Since the pandemic, utility bills for homes have gone up a lot, so more and more people are choosing greener designs like open floor plans. This lets airflow through the house, so you don’t need as much air conditioning. Aside from that, people are getting new windows and insulation to keep their heaters from working too hard.

Solar-powered energy sources are also becoming more prevalent, along with other eco-friendly and smart solutions that reduce utility bills and make lives easier and more efficient.

  • Going Green

People want their houses to feel fresh while still comfortable, and green is the perfect paint color. More people also renovate their homes by focusing on the basics, like peeling off sealants to reveal the original wood underneath.

Plantlife has also found its way into homes in more inventive forms, such as furniture, herb fridges, and indoor aquaponic systems.

The epidemic heightened awareness of health, the environment, and the importance of becoming less materialistic. That being said, repurposing furniture and exploring materials that benefit the environment, promote recycling, and have meaning are popular.

Not to mention that natural materials such as wood, rattan, clay, stone, and the like complement any style, color, or substance. These textures offer warmth and lightness to home design and make homeowners feel as if they are on vacation in their own house.


Trends in home design are constantly evolving. We never know what changes will happen over the coming year. With the world recovering from the pandemic, we can’t be sure what the economy will look like in the future. 

However, we’ll continue to see the focus on sustainability and the celebration of individuality. We’ll see homes where the inside and outside are united, and we’ll be able to relax in a warm but modern environment.

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