The Influence of Club Furniture Layout on Customer Spending


June 20, 2022

Whether you are just starting out or revamping your business, the first question on your mind should be, “How can I maximize my investment?”

It all begins with your food and beverage options, marketing initiatives, variable expenses, and word-of-mouth. However, the interior and ambiance of the restaurant itself are frequently disregarded.

For example, the lighting, music, and furnishings you choose might be the difference between a client visiting once and informing their friends about their wonderful experience, or returning with additional customers. Which do you prefer?

In this article, we’ll look at how club furniture influences client spending. Let’s get started!

How Club Furniture Layout Influences Customer Spending

Increases perceived value of drinks

One way that club furniture layout affects consumer spending is by increasing the perceived value of drinks. If customers feel like they are in a high-end, luxurious setting, they will be more likely to spend more on drinks. If you have cheap-looking furniture or no furniture at all, it can give the impression that your drinks are also cheap. So, make sure to invest in quality furniture!

Encourages socialization and interactions

Another way that club furniture layout affects consumer spending is by encouraging socialization and interactions. If you have a well-designed layout with plenty of seating, it will encourage customers to stay longer and buy more drinks. On the other hand, if your layout is cramped and there is nowhere to sit, customers will likely leave early and not come back.

Creates a sense of VIP status

Yet another way that club furniture layout affects consumer spending is by creating a sense of VIP status. If you have a VIP area with exclusive furniture and amenities, it will make customers feel special and important. As a result, they will be more likely to spend more on drinks and come back next time.

Increases perceived value of the establishment

Lastly, club furniture layout affects customer spending by increasing the perceived value of the establishment. If your furniture is high-quality and well-designed, it will give customers the impression that your establishment is also high-end and luxurious. On the other hand, if your furniture is cheap or outdated, it will give customers the impression that your establishment is also cheap and not worth their time or money.

Tips on Arranging Your Club Furniture for Optimal Customer Spending

The demands and requirements of any establishment will vary depending on its aims. Even if you have a small area, you can create an environment that is appealing, pleasant, and profitable. You may influence client spending by selecting the correct design elements and furnishings.

Flow is Essential

The layout should flow in a way that makes sense. There should be a logical order to how customers move through the space. For example, you wouldn’t want customers to have to walk through the kitchen to get to the restroom.


Create different zones for different purposes. For instance, you might have a seating area, a dance floor, and a bar area. Each of these areas should have its own furniture and décor.

Use focal points

Draw the eye to certain areas with furniture or décor that acts as a focal point. This could be a large piece of art, an interesting light fixture, or a luxurious sofa. Focal points help to create interest and can make small spaces feel larger.

Think about traffic

Make sure there is enough space for people to move around without feeling cramped. There should be enough room for people to walk between furniture pieces and get in and out of chairs and sofas.

Comfort is key

All furniture should be comfortable. This is especially important for seating, as customers will likely be sitting for long periods. Look for furniture with soft cushions and ample back support.


In conclusion, club furniture layout has a significant impact on customer spending. If you want to encourage customers to spend more, it is important to invest in quality furniture and create a well-designed layout. By doing so, you will create a sense of VIP status, increase the perceived value of drinks, and encourage socialization and interactions.

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