The Importance of Finding the Right Restaurant Lighting


November 21, 2022

The right lighting can set and contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it an important element in almost any establishment. For instance, with a restaurant, it’s key to look at different lighting fixtures and options to figure out and achieve the exact ambiance you’re imagining.

There are some things to keep in mind when choosing the lighting for a restaurant. Continue reading to learn more.

How Does Lighting Affect Your Restaurant?

The right lighting in a restaurant can set the perfect mood for diners and create an ambiance that encourages customers to stay longer and return again. Lighting can also be used to highlight certain features of the restaurant, such as the bar or a special dish.

While it plays a part in the overall atmosphere of the place, good restaurant lighting should also be functional and stylish. It should be bright enough to allow diners to see their food and read the menu but not so bright that it is harsh or uncomfortable.

What Are Different Types of Restaurant Lighting? 

There are different types of restaurant lighting, each with its own purpose and benefits. Let’s take a look at accent lighting, ambient lighting, and task lighting:

  • Accent Lighting. Accent lighting adds depth, dimension, and interest to a space. It is typically used to highlight certain features of the restaurant, such as artwork or architectural details. This can be achieved through many different means, including recessed lighting, track lighting, wall sconces, chandeliers, table lamps, and floor lamps.
  • Ambient Lighting. Ambient lighting is used to create a general light level in a space. It is typically utilized in conjunction with other types of lighting to provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.
  • Task Lighting. Task lighting is used to illuminate specific areas of a space where tasks are performed, such as cooking or food preparation. It is typically used in areas such as the kitchen, bar, and restrooms. 

What Are Different Levels of Restaurant Lighting?

Different levels of restaurant lighting can create different atmospheres for diners. Here’s a short outline of natural lighting, ambient lighting, and bright lighting:

  • Natural Lighting. Natural lighting from windows can create a bright and airy feel, especially for open restaurants. While it can be the most flattering and forgiving, it can be hard to control, especially when the night falls.
  • Low Lighting. Low lighting can create a more intimate and romantic setting, perfect for date nights or special occasions. Be careful not to go too low, though, as you don’t want your guests to feel like they’re dining in a cave.
  • Bright Lighting. Bright lighting is perfect for daytime dining, as it can help to energize and stimulate your guests. Be careful not to go too bright, as you don’t want to overwhelm or blind your guests.


In conclusion, it is important to find the right restaurant lighting for a number of reasons. The right lighting can create an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere that customers are looking to dine in, as well as an efficient work environment for the staff. 

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