Top Five Ways Startups Can Enlarge Their Office Spaces


May 23, 2022

Newly established businesses typically make a few sacrifices to accommodate their growing budgets. One of these sacrifices has to do with the office space. You need to adjust with the office space your budget can afford, regardless of its amenities and dimensions.

With that said, adjusting doesn’t necessarily mean suffering with what you have. There are a number of ways you can make your office appear larger than it really is. See a few examples below.

1. Utilize Colors to Enlarge the Space

Colors play a significant role in magnifying a space. It may seem counterintuitive, but it is true. Choose colors and paint that make rooms appear bigger than constricting them.

If you are going for a modern look, you can choose colors like gray and white. They are both neutral colors that expand the space instead of restricting it. It would be best if you also kept in mind that darker hues make rooms appear smaller, so try to avoid colors like dark blue and black for your office.

2. Install Mirrors If Possible

Mirrors are some of the top tools for enlarging spaces, given how effective they are in making small rooms appear more extensive. If you have approval from higher-ups, you may want to install a few large mirrors in your office.

These mirrors can act as space modifiers and even provide aesthetic points to your space. In addition, you can choose different styles depending on the look you’re going for your office.

3. Minimize Clutter and Unnecessary Furniture

While it is true that having a little bit of clutter may add personality to your space, it tends to constrict your office and make it look cramped. Therefore, it is good to keep your office uncluttered and free of unnecessary furniture.

One way to achieve this is by placing a few stands and shelves to give the impression that your room has a lot of storage space. You can also move unused furniture and place them near the walls to provide the room with a sense of openness.

4. Consider the Size and Shape of Furniture

Office cubicles make regular appearances in offices, so it’s not too surprising if you have office cubicles in your space. However, these pieces of furniture tend to be bulky, so you may want to measure the room before making any purchases.

Aside from dimensions, size is also a critical factor to consider. If you’re going for traditional rectangular office cubicles, make sure that there is enough space to walk around in your office.

5. Introduce Nature to Your Office Space

Natural elements like plants and flowers may be your best allies in making small offices appear larger. If possible, buy some plants and flowers to place in your office space.

These plants and flowers can add a lot of life to your office, making it look brighter and fresher. They also help reduce stress and improve productivity, so your employees can work more effectively. 

Final Note

There are many ways you can enlarge your current office space without spending too much money. You can try using mirrors, playing with colors, and choosing the right furniture when building your office.

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