The Psychology of Designing Your Restaurant Furniture

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December 12, 2022

How you arrange the seating in your restaurant can significantly impact your guests’ experience. It can influence how quickly they enter, how long they stay, and how much money they spend. Learn about design tips that can help you take advantage of the psychology of restaurant design to create a better experience for your guests. Today’s topic on design psychology should help, as it’s divided into three easy sections for dealing with restaurant furniture: intended use, furniture considerations, and—finally—seating.

What Is Your Intended Use?

Have you ever considered how comfortable, stylish, colorful, and soft the material of your restaurant furniture is to the touch? 

It is essential to think through the selection of furniture to create the atmosphere you desire. Furniture should be chosen to suit the interior’s atmosphere and the activities that will take place there. Different pieces can make different zones, such as socializing, reading, working, or relaxing. 

Consider the physical needs of those who will use the furniture and the kind of activities they’ll be doing, and choose furniture that meets both requirements.

If you want to encourage your customers to stay put for a while, consider a comfortable, plush armchair or sofa with a deeper seat, higher back, and possibly even armrests. This type of seating design would give customers the sensation of being more at home and encourage them to stay longer.

If you want your customers to remain in the bar lounge, a bigger, plusher armchair with a deep seat would be the ideal choice for them to sink into and savor a few beverages while socializing.

What Furniture Did You Have in Mind?

When designing the layout for a restaurant, it is important to consider the furniture that will be used. It is essential to consider the size and capacity of the restaurant space and how the furniture will look in that space. 

Additionally, it is important to consider customers’ needs, how much time they will spend in each area, and how much money they might be spending. 

By strategically planning the furniture layout, customers will be comfortable, and the restaurant will be aesthetically inviting.

What’s Your Seating Arrangement or Foot Traffic Like?

If you’re considering changes to your restaurant’s seating layout, many options can influence the customer experience. 

  • To keep your customers content, select chairs with higher backs and plush materials to promote a comfortable atmosphere. This will make them feel relaxed and welcome and give your employees a chance to boost sales and increase profits by offering additional drinks and coffee. A banquette or fixed-sitting arrangement will do

  • To make your seating welcoming but efficient, choose restaurant furniture with a modern and sophisticated look that encourages people to come in, enjoy their meal, and move on promptly, making room for the next guests. Bar stools or even smaller-than-average tables and chairs will do. 


If your business model is based on the number of guests served, ensure your seating is arranged for easy and swift turnover. Alternatively, if you benefit from longer stays, create a space with furniture designed to make guests feel comfortable and welcome for a luxurious dining experience.

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