4 Important Considerations to Make Regarding Cafe Furniture

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November 14, 2022

Comfort is key when it comes to cafe furniture. Customers should feel at ease when they sit down, whether they’re enjoying a cup of coffee or working on their laptops. Regarding furnishing a cafe, a few important considerations must be kept in mind.

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1) Know and Style According to Your Cafe Type

The type of cafe you have will greatly influence the type of furniture you’ll need. The most common types of cafes include:

  • Trendy Coffee Shop. Customers of trendy coffee shops are generally popular with the younger crowd since they often take pictures of what’s trending before posting them on social media. Trendy coffee shops typically have a minimalistic vibe and use modern and stylish furniture. 
  • Traditional Coffee Shop. If you’re more into old fashion, you might want to stick with a traditional coffee shop. Customers often come here for the relaxed and comfortable ambiance that it radiates. Traditional coffee shops are usually warm and inviting and use more classical furniture.
  • High Street Coffee Shop. High-street coffee shops are usually found on busy streets and cater to people on the go. Therefore, you should offer a mix of both traditional and trendy vibes. However, it is not recommended to place many designs since these coffee shops are usually more crowded and more convenient for people rushing.
  • Individual Cafe. People strive to find unique and personalized experiences, so you might want to go for an individual cafe to stand out. Typically, this is accomplished by including a few personal touches. For instance, you might hang your favorite paintings or photos or use furniture with a unique design. 

2) Explore Different Types of Cafe Furniture Available

Many specific sorts of café furniture are on the market, so pick the ones that go with the theme and setting of your cafe. These pieces of café furniture are some of the most common:

  • Side Chairs. Side chairs are one of the most popular types of cafe furniture. These are the ones that are placed around the perimeter of the café. They take up less space and are perfect for people who want to conversate with someone else in the café or to wait for their take-out orders to be served.
  • Bentwood Chair. Bentwood chairs are perfect for cafes that want to give the impression of a more sophisticated shop. These chairs are made of a bentwood frame painted or stained, and the back is upholstered in vinyl or fabric. People who want to sit down and enjoy their food and coffee in comfort may do so due to the high-quality wood.
  • Tables. Tables can vary in shape and size depending on what the café needs. They are available in many sizes and shapes to accommodate different cafe settings. These are ideal for customers who wish to eat at the café, work on their laptops, or read a book. 

3) Provide Seating for the Average Duration of One’s Stay

The typical stay in a cafe may differ depending on the day, time, and the type of customer. Hence, you have to provide enough seating for all of your customers by considering the average amount of time they spend at your café. This will allow customers to move around and not feel cramped.

4) Know What Furniture to Put Indoors and Outdoors

Depending on the climate, you must decide what type of furniture to put indoors and outdoors. You will need to set heavy-duty furniture outside that can survive the snow and rain if you live in a location with four seasons. On the other hand, outdoor furniture should withstand the elements, while indoor furniture should be comfortable and inviting.


As you can clearly see, setting up your café with the perfect ambiance is key to luring specific customers in. When you implement these considerations, rest assured that your future customers will be enveloped in an inviting and comfortable experience. 

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