Choosing and Designing Retail Lighting: 4 Helpful Tips


August 29, 2022

When designing a retail space, it’s easy to overlook the small details that tie a space together, especially since you’re also running a business. Your goal is to finish the design so that you can open your doors and begin selling.

Lighting is something that is frequently overlooked when designing a retail space. Many retail spaces have adequate lighting to make everything visible, but this is only the bare minimum. 

Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting. It can help you increase sales and provide a better customer experience. 

While still thinking of what to consider, the following tips should help you choose and design your retail lighting:

1. Fixtures

One approach to adding atmosphere to your lighting design is through the light fixtures. For a more intimate setting, go with vintage fixtures, chandeliers, or dome lighting instead of track, suspended, or recess lighting for a more formal atmosphere.

To separate the space, use various lighting fixtures throughout the store, such as the doorway and the changing rooms. Whatever choice you select, make sure it complements the brand and product offerings of your business.

2. Lighting Purpose

When selecting lighting for the retail space, you should first determine its purpose. Is the illumination meant to highlight specific products? Is it meant to create a mood in the area subtly?

When choosing light, you might decide on the mood you want your customers to experience. For example, if the lighting is meant to draw attention to specific products, then a spotlight will be an ideal choice as long as it is directed to a particular product or pair of products. On the other hand, a floodlight may be a better choice if the lighting is meant to help customers easily find products on the shelves.

3. Pathway Lighting

If you have a retail store, wayfinding is critical to ensure your customers can find their way in and out of the space. You also need to provide some pathway lighting to help customers find their way in the store.

It helps customers navigate well. The backlighting design on the aisles and signage should also be considered. You should consider how it will be viewed from a customer’s perspective.

4. Lighting Color

Color is another crucial consideration to make when choosing and designing retail lighting. You may want to create a different atmosphere by experimenting with colors, such as by illuminating your space with lots of blues or greens. The choice of lighting color can play a role in the overall mood of the store.

Color temperature is also a factor to keep in mind. Moreover, lighting brightness depends on the planned use of the space. Some spaces require brighter lighting than others. Areas like the office and the stockroom may have high light levels, but that’s not the case for the showroom or gallery space.


When it comes to retail lighting, only you know what you need. You also need to consider how to balance the lighting with the space’s overall design. See how the lighting complements the design and the product offerings. What’s more, the illumination should also be consistent with your brand. After all, your customers will note how your products are presented. This can influence their perception of your business, such as professionalism, cleanliness, and its overall image.

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