How to Choose a Dining Table That Best Fits Your Space

angled leg smoked glass top dining table

July 4, 2022

Whether you’re choosing for a residential or commercial room, there are numerous things to think about while searching for a dining room table, including dining table styles, forms, and sizes. 

But sometimes, you need to evaluate how you utilize your dining room in the first place before taking those aspects into account.

The sections below will help you visualize your space and the fitting dining room table that will be perfect for it.

Choosing a Dining Table for a Room with Limited Space

Choose a table that is proportional to the size of your space by looking for a smaller or extendable option. Therefore, in a small dining area, you should certainly choose a smaller-sized table. 

Consider an expandable table if you enjoy entertaining guests because it can be used at its smallest size every day and expand to fit more guests when necessary.

Use your imagination when you have a tiny dining room, a breakfast nook, or no dining area at all. A small cafe table and two seats may be placed in the corner of your living room, or a console table and stools could be placed against a longer wall. 

Avoid sharp corners by using an oval or round table in tiny dining spaces. They are easier to maneuver in a compact space because they have no sharp edges you can run against while moving between seats and the wall. 

Since no corners restrict how many people you can fit, they are also excellent for cramming more people in when space is at a premium.

Ensure that your chairs can easily fit under your table in a tiny dining room to reduce tripping dangers. If they don’t, they’ll protrude into the room, reduce the amount of space available for strolling, and may even present a trip risk.

Choosing a Dining Table That Can Fill a Big Space

Select a table that commands attention in the room. You can choose a standard-size dining table or a massive, gigantic one for a large dining area. 

You still want your table to be in proportion to the room, much as in a small dining room. Therefore, choose a table with some weight. Something that visually controls the space such as a farmhouse-style table is great if you have an especially vast room. 

For a more collaborative dining experience, you may alternatively choose an extra-long table. Nevertheless, a spacious dining room gives you the room to set up a large dining table all year round rather than having to enlarge a table or create other eating areas while having company around.

Rectangular dining tables are the most popular and are ideal for large dining spaces. They are ideal for formal eating settings where a person should occupy the head of the table, and they are also fantastic for completing a dining room. 

On the other hand, larger oval-shaped tables may give your dining area a softer, more natural appearance.

Choosing a Dining Table Suitable for an Open Space

When your dining room is open to or connected to your living room, it’s important to think about both the size of each room and how its components work together. 

Therefore, take proportion into consideration to adequately fill the space and select furniture that blends well with the design and proportion of your living room furnishings. 

Rectangular tables work best for living rooms with open dining areas since you can utilize them to divide the spaces and give them a sense of organization.


Opt for a dining table with varied materials. Without making your dining area look out of place or cluttered, a dining table with many finishes is a terrific way to add a range of textures and colors to your room. 

Use placemats and coasters at every mealtime if you want to protect your table surface and keep it looking great for longer.

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