Exploring the Ways Businesses Design Modern Call Centers

Call center employees play a vital role in keeping a company’s sales pipeline full of potential customers and prospects. They also take calls from current customers and have the opportunity to address any issues they may be having early on. 

As a result, it’s important to create an environment that promotes energy and enthusiasm for these workers. Some businesses are doing this by modernizing their call center workstations to improve efficiency. This article provides tips on how to design a contemporary call center and how to make your own call center more up-to-date.

Innovative Work-from-Home Furniture 

The coronavirus has caused nearly 80 percent of organizations to start or expand policies for their employees to work from home. This has created a need for effective yet inexpensive call center furniture for remote employees.

Whether call center professionals are working in a physical location or from home, they need to be able to respond quickly to customer needs. This requires good communication and easy access to the technology they need to do their job. This means that call center furniture is designed to be comfortable for employees sitting for long periods of time, as well as to  accommodate all of the technology necessary for the job.

Health and Safety Measures

As the world starts to open again, businesses will need to take measures to protect their employees and customers from the spread of illness. Call centers, in particular, will need to be designed with social distancing in mind to reduce the chances of person-to-person transmission.

Adding see-through personal protection screens to desks is a proactive way to keep employees safe while allowing natural light to enter the workspace. This solution is surprisingly affordable.

Real-Time Information Capability 

A sudden influx of customer activity often indicates a larger problem, and call center workers are often the first to be made aware of the issue. Therefore, their space should be equipped with modern technology for real-time information and updates.

Virtual Office Spaces

More and more businesses are using virtual offices and conference rooms to save on space and costs. This allows companies to pay for the space only when they need it, which is a more efficient use of resources.

Companies that need to use conference rooms on a regular basis can save money by using a conference room rental service that charges by the hour. This is a more affordable option than leasing a space that includes a conference room, and it gives businesses the flexibility to use the area only when they need it.

Relevant Desktop Tools

Many companies still use phone-centric desktop tools, even though modern consumers are digital-first. This can cause problems for advisors and ultimately result in a poor customer experience. One way to solve this issue is to use a digital-first desktop in combination with a legacy desktop, in what is known as “duo” mode.

Organizations can use two monitors to improve efficiency- one with customer context from systems of record and the other with a digital-first desktop. Any furniture acquired should be able to accommodate this type of setup.

Optimized Floor Layout

A well-designed call center floor plan can help optimize productivity by ensuring that workflows are efficient and that staff has the necessary resources. It can also help create a more pleasant working environment, which can positively impact employee morale.

The best way to optimize your office setup is to consult with a technical furniture company. The company can help you draft layouts and find alternative solutions that will work best for your office. They can also speak with you about acquiring new or used technical furniture that you may need.


The modern call center design should be based on the needs of the employees and customers. The center should be designed to be easily accessible and convenient for the workers and efficient and effective in handling customer calls.

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