Looking at the Benefits of Using a Chair with Headrest

Chairs with headrests are especially helpful to people who sit all day for work or need extra support for their neck and shoulder muscles. A good chair with a headrest offers more benefits than just a place to rest your head, though. Read this article to learn about its other advantages.

Relief From Headaches

It is no secret that headaches are common among office workers and that sitting still for too long can cause them. One reason for this is that your neck muscles may tense up in response to the strain of your position, so a good headrest can help take some of the pressure off of your neck, easing the tension and potentially preventing headaches.

Of course, if you or your employees experience headaches frequently, it may be time to try a different chair or get more ergonomic pieces of equipment. You can also adjust your work habits to help prevent headaches.

If you’re at a desk, make sure your chair is at an appropriate height so that you’re not tilting your head when you’re typing or looking at other papers. Don’t sit at your desk for hours at a time; get up and walk around every once in a while to give your muscles a break.

Reduced Neck and Shoulder Pain

Chairs with headrests can reduce pain in your neck and shoulders by taking some of the strain off these muscles. Since the headrest will support your head, you’re not always tilting your head to read. It can even prevent you from hunching your shoulders and giving your neck a stronger workout than necessary.

Regularly using a chair with a headrest can help reduce neck and shoulder pain, especially after long sessions of sitting. Heed the signs of discomfort and take a break or switch to a more supportive chair.

Better Posture

A headrest can help your posture by taking some of the strain off your neck. If you’re used to tilting your head when you’re reading, the headrest can force you to hold your head up straight, which will help improve your posture. Additionally, since the headrest can take some of the strain off your shoulder muscles, it can help your posture by easing tension in your neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Protects Against Skin Damage

Using a chair with a headrest can protect your face from sun damage. Most office buildings aren’t well-lit, so it’s easy for you to get too much exposure to sunlight through your windows. Since you’re likely to keep your head straight for long periods, your forehead and eyelids are exposed to the sunlight. The headrest can offer some protection from the sun by shading your forehead and eyebrows. However, don’t rely on your headrest as your only means of protection. It’s still important to try to avoid using your computer in direct sunlight.


You deserve a comfortable chair! If you or your employees suffer from shoulder or neck pain from sitting at your desk, you may want to look into a chair with a headrest. It doesn’t take up much room, but it can help relieve neck pain and headaches, relieve shoulder and neck tension, and improve your posture.

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