ZZ550BMX Standing Desk Frame (Black)

Product Description
  • Motor-Powered Height Adjustment: This electrically adjustable desk frame offers telescopic height adjustments from 28.7” to 48”. With a powerful single motor, move your desk up and down at a speed of 0.9 in/s, with smooth, quiet operation of under 50dB.
  • Telescopic Width Adjustment: To accommodate a wide variety of tabletops, this sturdy iron metal frame can be extended from a length of 39.37” (1m) to 51.18” (1.3m).
  • Digital Smart Controller: A push-button smart controller with a LCD height display, up/down buttons, and 4 programmable memory presets allows for convenient adjustment with a single press. Install the controller anywhere along your tabletop (not included) edge.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Our new design features sleeker legs that are smaller in width by half an inch, allowing for a build that’s 5 pounds lighter yet still capable of holding up a 154lb weight capacity.
  • Easy Assembly: This adjustable desk frame can be easily assembled and ready for use within 10 minutes, with all hardware included and straightforward, detailed instructions.

Our new design also features slightly slimmer legs constructed with the same durable iron metal, so this frame is both lightweight and strong. This frame has a weight capacity of 154lbs., and its width can also be extended between a range of 39.4”-51.2” to accommodate the tabletop of your choice.


  • Stay active while working at your desk with our electric standing desk. Easily adjustable to the height most suitable to your needs while you work.
    • Color: Black
    • Material: Iron metal
    • Gross Weight: 35.27 lbs.
    • Net Weight: 31.5 lbs.
    • Weight Capacity: 154 lbs.
    • Height Adjustable Range: 28.7”-48”
    • Width Adjustable Range: 39.4”-51.2”
    • Stroke: 380mm
    • Speed: 0.9 in/s
    • Power Input: 100-240V
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