FOH-WW-PG45 – Purple Wood Top Black Stone Pattern Front Veneered Striped Skirting Conference Table

Product Description

FOH-WW-PG45 – This conference table is veneered with purple wood on the top with a thin strip of white stone pattern. It has a striped skirting with black stone pattern veneer on both ends of front and is veneered with khaki on both sides. It has a longer and smaller option.

  • 3200Wx1300Dx750Hmm
  • 4800Wx1600Dx750Hmm
  • 3600Wx1500Dx750Hmm
  • 6000Wx1800Dx750Hmm
  • 4500Wx1600Dx750Hmm

Colors: Purple Wood, Khaki, white stone pattern, black stone pattern

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