FOH-DC097 – Translucent Smoky Black Polycarbonate Event Chair

Product Description

FOH-DC097 – Bring modern style to your dining room with these elegant dining chairs. The translucent smoky black polycarbonate (PC) back add a touch of sophistication to any occasion, while the solid black seat and legs provide a striking contrast. The moulded, one-piece construction of these chairs ensures durability and stability. The curved armrests add a comfortable and elegant touch, making these chairs perfect for both formal and casual dining. These chairs are easy to clean and maintain, and their stylish design will complement any decor.

MODERN DINING CHAIRS: With a modern and elegant design, these dining chairs will enhance the look of any dining room or kitchen, while providing comfortable seating for your guests.

STURDY AND DURABLE: These chairs are made of high-quality polycarbonate (PC) material, which is known for its strength, durability, and transparency. The legs are solid black and provide an eye-catching and grounding contrast to the upper half of the chair.

TRANSLUCENT DESIGN: The unique translucent smoky black design of these chairs gives them a sophisticated and stylish look. The translucent material also allows for a subtle visual effect, making the chairs look lighter and more elegant.

STACKABLE: These chairs are stackable, making them easy to store when not in use. This feature is especially useful for those with limited space or for those who frequently host large events.

COMFORTABLE SEATING: The chairs have a contoured seat and backrest for added comfort. The curved armrests are also designed to provide support and comfort for your arms.

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