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Aligning elegance and functionality, this classic crossback chair will tie in the stylish sophistication of your space, whether it’s for an event like a wedding, or for a restaurant, home, or office. In this new design, FOH Furniture uses high-quality resin plastic to create a light, durable, and weatherproof dining chair that both looks and feels like it is made from solid wood. The surface of the chair is textured and patterned for a close and realistic imitation of wood, but this resin material includes the added benefits of being waterproof, more UV-resistant, easier to clean, and more eco-friendly in comparison to wood.

  1. Indoor & Outdoor Use: Made from resin, this chair is weatherproof, durable, and able to stand up to everyday wear with an easy-to-clean surface.
  2. High Quality Materials: More eco-friendly and easier to take care of than wood, our resin plastic chairs still retain the luxury of texture, feel, and look of real wood. Sturdy, durable, and built to last.
  3. Attention to Detail: This crossback chair features a classy and tasteful design that will elevate any space its in.
  4. Easy Assembly: Simple and straightforward partial assembly, with all hardware included.


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