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FOH Furniture LLC is a branch office of the leading brand of furniture and furnishings of the FOH Furniture group.

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About FOH

The brand’s aim is to support the group company’s marketing, logistics, and after-sale services. It operates as the group’s strategic point to enhance the customer’s order experience with a personalized, local 24/7 customer service and door-to-door one-stop solution across the entire US, Canada, and Mexico. The American Market has been FOH Furniture‘s main target market since their establishment in 2007 and since then, FOH Furniture has successfully completed countless commercial furniture projects.

Over the last 10 years, FOH has helped thousands of owners, contractors and designers acquire custom-designed products across a diverse portfolio of sectors, such as commercial offices, banking or insurance call centers, hotels, restaurants, cafés, schools, hospitals, food courts, fast food chain stores, and more. The FOH team truly believes in the philosophy of “The Customer First” to pursue and to elevate customer satisfaction continually. FOH not only serves clients with large projects, but also offers the same services for orders from small-volume clients with a humble approach.

Previously, it could be quite complicated for small-volume clients to import any furniture from China due to high costs with complicated paperwork for shipping and customs procedures – hence discouraging clients from believing that they could ever convert their design ideas into real products.

However, today FOH Furniture helps small-volume clients’ dreams come true with our local warehousing and logistics services. No more need to deal with the hassles of tedious paperwork while our team makes sure your products arrive securely at your doorstep with low-cost shipping and timely turn-around. 


FOH is your one stop solution provider for any furniture with a motto of ‘Make it happen’, ‘Make it easier’ and ‘Make it total’.

To inquire further, please call our office – +1 469-329-0889

Tyler Miller, GA, United States

“Package solutions from FOH make things a lot easier. We ordered furniture from FOH in 2007 for Albany call center cubicles 400 seats and again we order all of our office furniture from FOH in 2010. FOH is awesome! Awesome!”

Thorsten Schlemmer, Germany

“We are wholesaler in Europe, the chairs for restaurant and office from FOH are in very competitive price. We are buying containers every month and resell fast in our market. Thanks for FOH’s excellent service. We are very happy to deal with FOH. Highly recommended!”

David Lloyd, Contractor, California

“We were working for the star restaurant project furnishing, and we need the solutions for the solid surface counter, reception, table and chairs. Thanks FOH which we got the package solutions without any hassle for the customized job.”

Cherrie Vera, Phllippines

“We bought over 500 pcs of call center from FOH in 2015. They are good quality and our staff feels comfortable while working. Impressive for FOH fasst communication and patience for providing good after-sales service. We will order mor for our future call centers.”

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